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리플렛용 사진.jpg

Good Luck


Aluminum plate, timber, fabric, polystyrene, putty, embroidery patch, ribbon,  string, steel wire, a stainless dental set, chain, pin, injection needle

170x170x110 (cm)

exhibited at Youngeun Museum in Gwangju, Kores

I was selected by the program Young & Young 4th, which was designed to discover and support new artists by YoungEun Museum, so participated in the exhibition. The overall installation size of the work was reduced like a model, and the work was installed so that the work could be seen through the window in the entrance space of the art museum where the work was placed.

A white piece of tooth, the actual set of stainless steel teeth, a road sign, the laughing tooth-shaped light blue patch, the leg-bound stainless steel sign, the wood board painted with the texture of stainless steel. It visualizes the power to operate the space, but it is difficult to distinguish what power won or lost.

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