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Untitled #02


video, projector, lights, transparent foil, dust sheet, mosquito net, table legs, tape

Untitled#02 consists of a projected still moving image of a house in London and a sculptural structure of scaffolding which is seen in the construction sites in a capitalist city. The sculpture is covered with a mosquito net and transparent dust sheet to play the role of scaffolding net. The scaffolding structure is used to support workers and materials to aid in architectural construction, maintenance, and repair of buildings. The installed image of the house that symbolized the cozy and comfortable place is decorated with 2 lights to evoke a nostalgic scene of the idealized space. The work shows a recognition of the urban landscape and domestic space as a commodity in the process of urbanization and reconstruction. Therefore, the interpretation of reality is achieved through projected cinematic imagery. 


이 작업은 런던의 한 주거지역을 촬영한 프로젝트로 투사한 비디오와 자본주의 도시의 건설 현장에서 볼 수 있는 스캐폴딩 구조의 조각으로 구성된다. 조각은 모기장과 투명한 먼지 시트로 덮여 있고 이들은 스캐폴딩 가림막 역할을 한다. 이 작품은 2개 조명으로 장식되어 아늑하고 편안한 장소를 상징하는 집의 이미지를 보여주며 집에 대한 ‘향수’를 불러일으킨다.




a brown box, welded structure, found wood scraps, chair, table leg, lights, string, tape

100x200x5 (cm)

exhibited at Royal Collge of Art WIP SHOW

It combines fine and peripheral things with very small details and meaningless debris. The materials picked up from the warehouse behind the studio building, the tapes on the floor, the unknowingly collected boxes, paper, and light bulbs create an unspecified time, emotion, and atmosphere with new arrangements. The contingent vowel evokes a typical feeling of nostalgia of memory. But the memory is already fiction. Boredom and ordinariness are constant ideas within the work and are not tangible but Dahhyun is attempting to evoke this and celebrate this within the works.

Royal College of Art의 WIP쇼에서 발표한 작품이다. 박스, 우드 워크샵에서 스크랩된 목재들을 자르고, 균질하게 만든 그리드와 용접된 그리드를 애초에 쌓으려고 했으나 설치된 결과를 보고 해체하였다. 스튜디오를 돌아다니며 부가적인 재료들(포장용 종이, 서랍에 놓여있던 실, 바닥에 원래 붙어있던 테이프)을 수집했고 직관적으로 설치했다. 획일화된 건축양식으로 상징되는 그리드의 엄격성을 희석하고자 이미지나 형태를 중첩했고, 목재와 용접된 철재와 다른 성질을 가진 부드러운 재료를 흐트러뜨렸다.




modelling tables, tarpaulins, transparent plastic dust sheeting

Site-responsive in Edinburgh Sculpture Court (Exchange Program with Edinburgh College of Art)

The work was made in response to the classical bas-relief and casts that are surrounded by the sculpture court. It was a figurative work that had a tension that is similar to the tension that my choice of ‘modeling and carving’ has with everyday building materials (tarpaulins and transparent plastic dust sheeting). The modeling tables found in the studios were stacked as an armature and then covered with plastic and tarps to have a strong physical drama and presence.

에딘버러 예술대학의 조각 코트에 둘러싸인 고전 조각품들과 석고에 영감을 받아 제작된 구상 작품이다. 소조 심봉대를 올려놓는 테이블을 구조체로 쌓아 일상적인 건축 재료(플라스틱 방수포와 투명 먼지시트)로 덮어 개방된 공간에서 우뚝 솟아 강력한 물리적 드라마와 존재감을 갖게 했다.

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